Your mind's best friend

Helping everyday working people, reduce their stress levels and enjoy life more

The Benefits

MyMindPal is full of simple exercises, tools and techniques that match your Mental Fitness needs.

Our exercises will help you:

Cope with life’s daily stress

By managing negative thoughts and reducing body tension

Relax more often

With calming techniques for your mind and body

Boost your positive thoughts

By creating a range of helpful thinking styles

Enjoy the present moment

With easy to follow mindfulness practices

Build habits that are good for you

By following simple tips and challenges to keep you on track

Companies big & small

We are proud to support all manner and size of businesses, because every employee’s Mental Fitness matters to us.

Darren Fell, CEO at

The digital accounting app

(185 people)

“Crunch is nothing without our amazing team and they deserve the most proactive people experts to put their interests at the heart of what we do. Probably the most interesting initiative is the selection of the MyMindPal app which acts as a unique Mental Fitness platform. My role as CEO is driven by utter passion and to that end I need to keep my energies flowing and my head in precisely the right place. I use mymindpal daily to keep myself fully charged and love it!”

Ollie Kuehne CEO at

Boutique cyber recruitment specialist

(15 members of staff)

“MyMindPal has been hugely well received at SOAP, not least by myself. Our work culture is often fun but always demanding. The MyMindPal platform gives instant access to tools which boost positivity and take the edge off the daily stresses in a matter of minutes. For many of us it had become a daily part of our routine.”

Supporting the employees of...

West Mids Police
Bravo Benefits
Busy Bees
Bank of China
Coventry City Council
Life and Progress
Midlands Police
University of Bolton
Warwichshire College
West Ham Unitied

How it works

Take our 1 minute test

Reveal your current Mental Fitness story and discover how you can easily make positive changes

Explore the exercises

Check out your personalised dashboard, full of simple exercises, tools and techniques which match your needs

Create your routine

Build your very own 5 minute a day routine to help you handle whatever life throws your way

The numbers don’t lie

Since using MyMindPal:


of users have reported lower stress levels


of users say they feel more relaxed


of users are feeling more optimistic

Free Stress Support Tools

Calming Rainstorm

Calming Rainstorm

Calming rainstorm to help clear the mind

60 mins
7-11 Stress Practice

7-11 Stress Practice

A powerful practice in response to when you are feeling stressed

5 mins
Getting Started with Mindfulness

Getting Started with Mindfulness

How to prepare and get the most from your mindfulness practices

1 min
Walking Mindfulness Exercise

Walking Mindfulness Exercise

Mindful walking for every day life

6 mins
Reduce Body Tension

Reduce Body Tension

Relax your entire body with this simple technique.

3 mins
Coronavirus mind protection

Coronavirus mind protection

Help manage your unhelpful thoughts in these difficult times.

4 mins

Art & Science

Our team consists of respected behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists, talented copywriters and creatives, and a tech-savvy development team delivering a seamless user experience.

It has taken 5 years of this combined talent to make our app so simple to use and effective.

The Science


We help everyday working people by strengthening their ability to handle life’s challenges and navigate those who need immediate help to a confidential and safe place.

We are all about fighting the causes of stress and mental health and not just handling the symptoms. Ensuring individuals thrive, companies prosper and society benefits.

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