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Create a feel-great film for your head – in just five minutes a day

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What is MyMindPal?

Your head is full of thousands of thoughts and images. It's like a film that’s playing on repeat.

Some of these thoughts and images can help you get happy. Some just get in the way. MyMindPal lets you remaster the motion picture that's playing out in your mind every day.

Think of it as your director's cut. You get to decide the story that's told – and what gets cut. Meaning you can dial up the things that help you feel good and leave out the things that don’t.

The really good news? You only need five minutes a day to create your own epic.

How it works

Create a feel-great film for your head – in just five minutes a day


We need to check out your current story by asking you some simple questions about how you think and feel.


We show you where your head’s at right now – and the science of how to shift it.


You rewrite the script with MyMindPal’s daily doses of happy - simple tools, tips and practices.


We show you how to take out the bad guys and remove the negative scenes they put in your head.


You get to be the happy action hero of your own feel-great film – every single day


What are you waiting for? It's time to create a better story. Let's Get Started