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MyMindPal enables you to

Reduce stress with MyMindPal

Reduce levels of stress

Positive thinking with MyMindPal

Enhance positive thinking styles

Live in the present moment with MyMindPal

Live in the present moment

MyMindPal helps build resilience

Build resilience

We also prompt and navigate those who need immediate human support.

5 Minutes a Day

“Just five minutes per day of mental fitness exercise can make a huge difference to your present and future mental health.”

Khody Damestani
Therapist, and founder of MyMindPal

The cost of mental health at work



The percentage of work-related ill health cases caused by stress, depression and anxiety


Of work days lost due to ill health, 57% were because of stress, depression and anxiety

So how do we solve the workforce mental health crisis?

Prevention and early risk identification are the two most effective ways to protect the welfare of your people and the cost impact to your bottom line.

MyMindPal builds mental fitness and directs those at risk to the appropriate support.

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About MyMindPal


We help everyday working people by strengthening their ability to handle life’s challenges and navigate those who need immediate support to a confidential and safe place.


We help you fight the causes of stress and poor mental health, ensuring that your individuals thrive, companies prosper and society benefits.

Our Team

Our team consists of respected behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists, talented copywriters and creatives, supported by a tech-savvy back end team delivering a seamless user experience.

How it Works

For Your People

A simple two-minute questionnaire which asses their mental fitness needs.

Individual feedback report with guidance on the areas that require attention.

Personalised dashboard full of evidence-based exercises to improve mental health.

Nudges and feedback to encourage a daily mental fitness routine.

For Your Business

The MyMindPal App can be available to all your people via a unique company code within a matter of days.

Our on-boarding media pack enables you to seamlessly get the message out and start to protect your people immediately.

A bi-annual report gives insights and guidance to help inform your overall wellbeing strategy.

MyMindPal allows you to add your own in App links to other aligned services such as EAP’s, creating an accessible gateway to all your workforce, no matter how dispersed.

MyMindPal dashboard


MyMindPal exercise on a mobile phone
MyMindPal as seen on a tablet or mobile device
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