Meet The Team

Meet the team at MyMindPal

Core Team

Kate Arnold

Kate Arnold
Nutrition Consultant

Kate is a Nutrition Consultant, health writer and motivational speaker. She has been practicing Lifestyle Medicine for over twenty years. Kate has seen nearly 8,000 clients and has vast experience and knowledge on nutrition and it's impact on health.

Over the years Kate has worked not only with one to one clients but celebrities, charities, schools, colleges, local government and nursing homes.

Kate Arnold

Alice Black

Alice, is a content creator based in South East London. Alice covers all areas of videography and photography for MyMindPal adding creative flare and expertise.

She has a great team who work alongside her to produce high-quality engaging 4K video and photography content.

Jason Blyth

Jason Blyth
Director and Founder

Experienced negotiator and the conduit between academics and content creators. Jason is connected to a number of the world’s leading experts in the fields of psychology and behavioural science, as well as having access to multiple brand ambassadors and public figures.

Christabel Cossins

Christabel Cossins
Voice and Confidence Coach

Highly trained instructor in voice work and confidence building. Christabel brings a creative edge to MyMindPal via her knowledge and study of music, performance, and education.

Her understanding of how to use the voice to evoke different emotions enables the brand to effectively promote their strategies, techniques and interventions.

Khody Damestani

Khody Damestani
Clinical Therapist & Co-Founder

Experienced therapist working at the elite Onemed clinic. Khody oversees the continual development of the psychological content that underpins the strategies, techniques and interventions that feature in MyMindPal’s product offering.

Nigel Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy
Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Hugely experienced in developing partnerships and leading large sales teams, Nigel has vast corporate experience and has also successfully taken new digital health products to market. His contacts include board level decision makers in the health insurance space.

Richard Lenton

Richard Lenton
Head of Media

Award-winning television presenter and magazine editor, Richard has over two decades of journalism experience, and is responsible for content creation and media strategy at MyMindPal. He also lectures in journalism and marketing at St Mary's University, Twickenham, and UCFB at Wembley stadium.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley
Lead Developer

Highly sought-after developer who has worked on complex builds across a variety of industries. Chris possesses a huge depth of knowledge, aligned with an everyman’s ability to convey the organisation’s needs to the technical team.

Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson
Creative Director

Inventor of two patents, and a wealth of experience leading teams of content creators. Justin’s eye for detail and innovation are a huge asset to MyMindPal, constantly enabling them to find new ways to engage users.

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Professor Paul Dolan
Head of Behavioural Science LSE.

Paul is the best selling author of 'Happiness by Design' and ‘Happy Ever After’. Paul designed the UK happiness measures for the Office of National Statistics and advises both the UK and Dubai government in his areas of expertise.

Dr Stephen Ward
Consultant in Pain Medicine

Stephen is an international authority and speaker in the area of lower back pain, which is the single largest known physical cause of workplace absenteeism

Rebecca Watson-Shaw
Experimental psychologist and expert in questionnaire design and memory acquisition.

Rebecca is highly skilled in managing data-driven feedback, which ensures the team can focus on developing bespoke client and user features and content on a scientific basis.

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Max Beesley
Actor & Musician

"In both my professional and personal life becoming emotionally resilient has been a key factor to my continued success. MyMindPal makes this possible for everyone."

Sally Gunnell
Athlete & wellness consultant

“As an Olympic gold medalist 70% of my success was directly as a result of my mindset. It's no different when you are trying to achieve a health goal. Knowing how to build the correct individual mindset is the key to lasting results. MyMindPal have solved this problem”